22 May - Windsor Chairs

Windsor Chairs for World of Interiors at West Wycombe House.

09 Nov - Daniel Heath.

I recently re-photographed talented textile and wallpaper

designer and printer Daniel Heath, five years after shooting

him for World of Interiors. Dan's rockin' a great look these days

and I'm really pleased with the results.

29 May - Living Etc.

I've got a new shoot going in the July issue of

Living Etc. Styled again by the Uber talented

Harriet Paterson, it looks great

and I'm very pleased with it.

22 Apr - Tim Hetherington


22 Apr - Tim Hetherington

One of he worlds finest Photo-Journalists Tim Hetherington was killed on Wednesday in Misrata, Libya.

Also killed in the attack was US photographer Chris Hondros. Two more people were injured including

Guy Martin, who is a lecturer at my old college, Falmouth. Critically injured, we can only hope and pray

for a speedy recovery.

Tim Hetherington was Oscar nominated last year for 'Restrepo' a documentary about Afghanistan that he

co-directed and was a contributing photographer at Vanity Fair.

08 Mar - 30 Rock - Season 4


Season 4 is rockin'. But my favourite line is still

“They do that a lot in movies. An Afair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, and that remake of An Affair to Remember that I was in, A Blfair to Rememblack.”

Tracy Jordan, season 3, episode 7, 'Senor Macho Solo'

04 Mar - Ron Sexsmith - Love Shines

Watching a great documentary about the fantastic Canadian

singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith on BBC4. Watch it He's ace!

It'll be repeated several times in the near future, no doubt.

I met him once, in an elevator at The Soho grand in NYC and had to tell

him I thought he rocked. A bit stalkerish I know, but who cares.

24 Feb - Morning Sunlight

Ah sunlight in the morning almost forgot what it looked like, so took this to remind me.

23 Feb - The Secret Sisters

Saw Ray LaMontagne in concert last night. Seen him a few times now and he's always disappointed a little, never quite as good as he should be. Not rubbish mind, he can half sing the boy. He was however supported by The Secret Sisters who were great. Beautiful harmonies in Ol' time stylee.

15 Feb - Living Etc - Tony Conigliaro

I recently photographed cocktail wizard Tony Conigliaro of 69 Colebrook Row for Livingetc. To find out more go to:


05 Feb - Teddy Thompson Bella

Sounds great. Can't wait to see him at The Barbican in a couple of

weeks time.

05 Feb - The Kings Speech

Lives up to the Hype. Great performances all round

and beautifully shot. Especially the scene in the park.

love the room where he teaches. It's Portland Place.

love this poster too.

19 Jan - Idbury Prints

Check this out.


This site has an amazing range of unusual prints.

15 Jan - Vivian Maier

There's going to be a book out soon, published by PowerHouse.

These pictures stand up well against legendary photographers like Walker Evans and

Robert Frank.

15 Jan - Vivian Maier

Just brilliant. And there are around 100,000 negatives still to be seen.

15 Jan - Vivian Maier

OK, I know I'm well behind the 8 ball on this one, but I've just discovered these amazing street photographs taken by Vivian Maier. This lady was a full time Nanny who, at every opportunity took to the streets of Chicago and New York documenting the everyday lives of their inhabitants. These pictures were unseen until a young real estate agent John Maloof bought a box of negatives at auction in 2009.


14 Jan - The Secret In Their Eyes

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. It was released on DVD last week

and is well worth a tenner of anyone's spends.

14 Jan - Ildebrando Tosi

I did this job for a Swedish paper products manufacturer called Stora Enso, one of the biggest in the world. Four days in various locations around London, in the back of a truck which had been turned into a big white box. We did hundreds of portraits of poor poor unsuspecting passers by. This is the great art director Ildebrando Tosi, who unfortunately is no longer with us. Forza bastardo!

09 Jan - Living Etc Shoot

My new shoot in living etc

appears this week.

Brilliantly styled by Harriet Paterson, I'm

really pleased with it. I particularly like

the huge plaster busts.

I'd like one of Sir Ryan Giggs.

The sofa ain't bad either.